A Legacy of Value

NPI is a third-generation family-run, Woman Owned Small Business, dedicated to partnering with our clients to provide excellent service and high quality products.

Nameplates, Inc. has grown from the vision of Marjorie Conley, former housewife turned business owner nearly overnight after the untimely death of her husband. Although she initially came from humble beginnings with no formal business education, she found something about the business world agreed with her. “In 1966, there were not many well-respected women in business,” Conley has been quoted as saying, “But I decided I liked to eat and I had a nine-year-old daughter at home, a child in college, and I needed to provide for them.” That provision and vision has continued through the years. In 1985, Mrs. Conley was recognized as the Small Business Person of the Year by the Metropolitan Tulsa Chamber of Commerce and the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. She also received an honorable mention in the National Awards that year.

Her vision for a company founded on the highest business principles and service to the customer is now extended through her daughter Claudia Hamilton, former president, and to her granddaughter, Brooke Hamilton, president.

Nameplates, Inc. is a family that will always cherish the importance of the “Legacy of Value” instilled in them, and will continually challenge to pass that value through to customers with every interaction.