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NPI named Tulsa’s Manufacturer of the Year

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NPI was named Tulsa’s Manufacturer of the Year by the Tulsa Regional Chamber at its annual Tulsa Small Business Connection Summit and Awards Luncheon on Oct. 13. The awards honor the region’s small business leaders for creating jobs in the Tulsa area and for serving as the foundation of the region’s economic development. Brooke Hamilton, NPI president and CEO, attended the awards ceremony to accept the honor. NPI is now eligible to compete for the Oklahoma SBA Awards. 

Business Viewpoint with Brooke Hamilton of NPI: Three tips on being an effective leader

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Business leaders often talk about the need for their companies to be resilient — resilient to the economy, to industry highs and lows and even to natural disasters. Best-case scenario, we have a sustainability plan in place and never have to use it. Worst case, we don’t have a plan, something hits and the company tanks. But while a solid business-continuity plan is essential, I also know how far ingenuity and an entrepreneurial spirit can take a company during hard times.

In 1966, my grandfather died suddenly, leaving a successful Tulsa company with no one to lead it. Two days after his death, my grandmother decided to fill his shoes, despite the fact she had never worked a day in her life. She had three children to feed so failure was not an option. Her resilient spirit won out, and she led the company until she sold it in 1970. When she learned retirement wasn’t her thing, she started Nameplates Inc. (now NPI) in 1973.

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Can-do attitude: Three generations of women shatter manufacturing industry norms.

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by Valerie Grant, Tulsa People

“Can’t” simply wasn’t part of Marjorie Conley’s vocabulary.

With children to support and bills to pay, the housewife-turned-businesswoman began running her husband’s Tulsa manufacturing company just two days after his sudden death in 1966. Although she didn’t know it then, Conley was igniting a family legacy of female business leaders.

“She just did what she had to do,” says Brooke Hamilton, Conley’s granddaughter and president and CEO of NPI, a printing and product identification company in the Pearl District. “It was pretty much fight or flight. She stepped up and said, ‘I’m going to eat, I’m going to take care of my family, and this is what I’m going to do.’”

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NPI Names Brooke Hamilton as President and CEO

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by Simon Hammond, Value News

NPI (formerly Nameplates, Inc.) announced Brooke Hamilton will take the helm of the company as president and CEO. Hamilton has served as president since January 2012 and will now also serve as CEO with the retirement of current CEO Claudia Hamilton, who will assume the role of chairman.
“I am thrilled to have my daughter succeed me as CEO to carry on the legacy my mother started decades ago,” said Chairman Claudia Hamilton. “Brooke has consistently proven she understands our mission, and cares about our employees and customers. I believe she will bring continual growth to NPI.”

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NPI taps third generation for company leadership

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by Casey Smith, Tulsa World Business Writer

NPI founder Marjorie Conley was dynamic. Many would also consider Conley — who transitioned from housewife to manufacturing business founder — a trailblazer.
“Back in the ’80s, and even the ’90s, a woman in business — plus a woman in the manufacturing business — it’s a man’s world no matter what anybody says, and especially in our field,” her daughter and successor Claudia Hamilton said. “She was just a lovely, lovely person. … She ran the business one way. She was honorable. If a customer didn’t like something, we took care of it.”

Conley’s impact laid a strong foundation. Not only did daughter Claudia work alongside and eventually take over for NPI’s founder, now the printing and product identification business has officially passed on to a third generation — granddaughter and daughter Brooke Hamilton.
NPI announced Monday that Brooke Hamilton has been named CEO.

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