Brooke Hamilton: President/CEO Nameplates USA

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by Lesa Jones, Tulsa Business & Legal News

Brooke Hamilton is a third-generation president/CEO of NPI, formerly Nameplates Inc. a family-run, woman-led manufacturing company that provides branding and product identification solutions. Hamilton began working at NPI while in high school. After graduating from the University of Tulsa with a degree in communications and legal studies, she transitioned to full-time at NPI. She learned every aspect of the business — from operating a machine to running a company — from her mother and grandmother.

She reflected on what she says is the biggest achievement of her life thus far. “The day I was promoted to president and CEO,” she said. “Knowing that I was responsible for this family legacy and the livelihoods of NPI’s 60 employees and the future of the company.”

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NPI Announces ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Quality Management System

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NPI  received the ISO 9001:2015 certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an international body that standardizes the management of information and processes for businesses and organizations involved in commerce and industry. The certification ensures NPI’s manufacturing process meets ISO’s requirements for standardization and quality assurance in the production of metal nameplates, branding and product identification products. The certification allows for efficient implementation and communication when conducting business with any organization.

“We are proud to continue our legacy of providing quality products and services to our customers,” said NPI President and CEO Brooke Hamilton. “This certification demonstrates our products will continue to exceed the expectations of our customers and is another example of our commitment to this industry.”

ISO promotes global standardization, developing international standards relating to specifications and requirements for an organization’s scope of work. NPI’s certification ensures the ISO-required management of processes and documentation is in place to ensure quality, safety and efficiency during the production of its products.

Reduce Costs & Increase Production with UV LED Curing

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phoseon firejet

Phoseon Case Study – Application: Screen Printing Labels & Decals

Nameplates, Inc. (NPI) reduces energy costs and increases production capacity utilizing UV LED curing from Phoseon Technology

NPI is a leading printing and product identification company ranging from decals, labels, digital prints and fleet materials to fabrication, nameplate and metal items.

NPI brand products include:
• Decals, screen-printed on vinyls, lexan and polyesters
• Transportation branding and markings, digitally printed on 3M™ specialty vinyls
• Tradeshow and outdoor displays and banners, digitally printed on large-area vinyl displays

As a result of integrating UV LED curing technology from Phoseon, NPI has been able to reduce energy consumption by replacing traditional dryers. Since UV LED cures faster than the traditional dryers, NPI has also increased their production capacity.

UV LED Technology
The compact UV LED curing light sources offer advanced capability and increased production speeds. The LEDs are instant on/off, so the UV is only on when ink curing has to occur. This saves energy and increases the life of the unit even further. UV LED curing is the ideal choice for high-resolution printing on a wide variety of substrates. LED (light emitting diode) technology offers maximum UV output with significantly less energy consumption, along with cooler operating temperatures that allow for printing on heat sensitive substrates. The small size of the light sources makes them ideal for machines with limited space. It also allows for printing on heat-sensitive substrates and ever-thinner labels. These solutions enable users to process a variety of materials at maximum production speeds, with low-input power requirements.

FireJet FJ200
The FireJet™ is a high-capability air-cooled UV LED curing light source is capable of curing at the highest speeds for a variety of printing applications.

About NPI
NPI is a third-generation family run, Woman-Owned Business, founded on loyalty, dedication and hard work.  NPI is dedicated to partnering with their clients to provide excellent service and high-quality printing, branding and product identification.

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The Leader in UV LED Curing

Brazoderm Press Release

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NPI Announces Brazoderm™

Tulsa, OK – February 20, 2015

NPI, the leader in printing and product identification for over 40 years in Tulsa, is proud to announce their new product offering – Brazoderm™

Brazoderm™ is a simple solution for a complex problem. Featuring Sharklet™ first technology to inhibit bacterial growth through pattern alone – this patented, microscopic pattern creates a surface upon which bacteria do not like to grow. The pattern is manufactured onto adhesive-backed skins to be applied to high-touch areas, reducing the transfer of bacteria among people. The bacterial inhibition is a 100% natural process – it is non-toxic and free of any biocides, antimicrobial and antibiotics. It is safe for people.

Brazoderm™ is made for high-touch areas of almost any business – health care facilities and pharmacies, schools and day care centers, airlines and mass transit, grocery stores, convenience stores, and fitness centers. The film is ideally suited for frequently-touched, bacteria-prone surfaces where bacterial inhibition is desired, such as tray tables, doors, carts, and point of purchase.

NPI is offering their services with this breakthrough film. NPI will custom cut the film to fit any space or object. Additionally, NPI will custom print the film in full color, making this a prime opportunity for public service messages or prime advertising space. The product is easy to install and remove, and is recommended to be replaced every 90 days for optimal protection.

“We are thrilled to offer this technology to our customers in an effort to keep people healthier and decrease antibacterial overuse,” said Brooke Hamilton, President of NPI. “In addition, the marketing opportunity for customers will be unique and limitless with Brazoderm™!”

For more information, please visit or call NPI at 918-584-2651.


6 Benefits of Product Identification Branding

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6 Benefits of Product Identification Branding

The process of identifying products using a name or image communicating the benefits and qualities of a product is called branding. With a strong brand, it is possible to create some personality for the product wherein it is easily differentiated from competitors.

The following are the additional benefits of product identification branding:

1. Small businesses can build preferences for their products through strong brands. Customers who have to make a choice between stores generally prefer brands they have bought before and trust.

This proves to be an important advantage if your business involves selling products which customers buy frequently like food or any other household products. So product identification branding contributes to customer loyalty.

2. Branding helps improve your advertising returns and marketing budget. By communicating the same messages using brand elements like logos, colours, graphics and packaging, you consistently help reinforce brand qualities to your customers. So if you have a brand which customers can easily recall and recognize, you help reduce your long term marketing costs.

3. Strong brands help with the launch of new products in market sectors as customers associate the new product with the brand qualities of the new product.

4. Product identification branding helps increase your revenue and your customer base through various levels of brand familiarity. Customers can recall a brand’s qualities through brand recognition wherein customers choose your brand out of habit as they are satisfied with it.

5. A strong brand helps protect market share and creates barriers for the entry of new competitors. Competitors entering the market need to invest in brand development to market their strengths.

6. Product identification also helps maintain pricing levels as customers who insist for your trend are ready to pay for the product over lower-priced offerings.

After reading about these benefits of product identification branding, it’s no wonder you want to call 918.584.2651 to get nameplates for your branding purposes.