NPI taps third generation for company leadership

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by Casey Smith, Tulsa World Business Writer

NPI founder Marjorie Conley was dynamic. Many would also consider Conley — who transitioned from housewife to manufacturing business founder — a trailblazer.
“Back in the ’80s, and even the ’90s, a woman in business — plus a woman in the manufacturing business — it’s a man’s world no matter what anybody says, and especially in our field,” her daughter and successor Claudia Hamilton said. “She was just a lovely, lovely person. … She ran the business one way. She was honorable. If a customer didn’t like something, we took care of it.”

Conley’s impact laid a strong foundation. Not only did daughter Claudia work alongside and eventually take over for NPI’s founder, now the printing and product identification business has officially passed on to a third generation — granddaughter and daughter Brooke Hamilton.
NPI announced Monday that Brooke Hamilton has been named CEO.

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