Digital Program/Format Requirements

Adobe Illustrator CS5 (ai, eps, pdf):

Spot or full color art
Include any placed images, linked files
Convert all fonts to outlines
Do not export from Illustrator (i.e.: jpg, tif, etc.)

Adobe Photoshop (psd, jpg, tif, eps, bmp):

Full color art, not usually used for spot color art
Minimum resolution 300dpi
Save as psd, tif, eps

CorelDraw (if exported to ai):

Export to Adobe Illustrator (ai) format
Convert all type to curves
Proof the file to ensure all elements exported properly


Must be exported to DWG or DXF 2004
Must include drawing (tif, jpg or pdf)

Adobe Acrobat (pdf):

Specify what program original was created in
Must be full size, with bleed (if any) and trim lines

(Some file formats may not be used, depending on print process)

All fonts must be included, or converted to outlines. All placed images must be included. Include 1/8” bleed and trim lines on all art.

File programs NOT accepted:

Adobe Freehand
Quark XPress
Adobe Pagemaker
Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher

(These files may be able to export to an accepted format for use)

File Transfer

Download to our FTP site
CD, DVD, or USB Flash drive